Spring Schedule:

May 23rd - June 28th

Departure Time:
at 12:30pm

  • Saturday Scenic Train

  • Sunday Scenic Train

  • Summer Schedule:

    July 4th - August 30th

    Departure Times:

  • Thursday Clown Train

  • Friday Magic Trains

  • Saturday Scenic Train

  • Sunday Scenic Train

  • Ticket Prices:

    $13.00/senior (62+)
    $9.00/child (2-12)

    Enjoy an hour and a half ride from our Thendara Station south over the Moose River to Otter Lake. On your journey, make sure you look outside the windows to enjoy and experience the beautiful scenery on the way.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Q: How long is the train ride?
    • A: The train ride is approximately an hour and a half round trip.

    • Q: Does the train bring me back to the station?
    • A: Yes, all trips are round trips, with the exception of the Bike & Rail trip. The Bike & Rail drops you off at a trailhead in Big Moose or at Carter Station where you can bike back to the station.

    • Q: Does the train have restrooms?
    • A: Yes, the train and station both have restrooms. Restrooms on the train may not be handicapped accessible.

    • Q: Is the train wheelchair-accessible?
    • A: Yes. If you are bringing a wheelchair, we request that you come in a standard size wheelchair (not a large scooter) and that you notify us of any special travel needs when you make your reservations. Please arrive half an hour prior to train departure to allow extra time for boarding.

    • Q: Does the train sell food on board?
    • A: Yes, there is a cafe car on board. All trains going to Big Moose do stop at the Big Moose Station restaurant.

    • Q: Do you sell food at the station?
    • A: No. Although the station sells bottles of water and candy bars, the gift shop primarily carries Adirondack Railroad souvenirs and toys.

    • Q: Do you still run if it is raining?
    • A: Yes, the train does run in the rain and all cars, including the open air car, are covered.

    • Q: Can I bring alcohol on the train?
    • A: No, sorry but we do sell beer and wine our of our cafe car.

    • Q: Do you an ATM?
    • A: No, there is no ATM at the station. Both our gift shop and ticket window are able to accept credit and debit cards.